About the Foundation

To honor and memorialize two young Mummers – Dennis Palandro, Jr., Joseph Ferry, and Joseph's fiancé, Kelly Wiseley.

Background and Mission

Joseph Ferry (1982-2019)

The Palandro-Ferry Foundation is committed to honoring and memorializing two young Mummers – Dennis Palandro, Jr. and Joseph Ferry, who were both members of the South Philadelphia String Band – tragically killed in a head-on crash in the early hours of January 2, 2019. Ferry’s fiancé, Kelly Wiseley, also lost her life in the accident. The two had just gotten engaged at Christmas.  Palandro’s wife, Nicole, was critically injured in the accident, but survived and has made a full recovery.
The mission of the Foundation is to engage in charitable, philanthropic, educational, and other efforts to provide much-needed assistance and support to members of the general Mummers community.  The Foundation was initially formed by NJ chef, restauranteur and former Mummer Angelo Lutz.  Lutz has been a very close family friend of Palandro’s father, Dennis Sr. (who is the captain of the South Philadelphia String Band), and knew Dennis Jr. for his entire life.

Dennis Palandro, Jr. (1987-2019)

Board of Directors

Angelo Lutz
Tom Loomis
Executive Vice-Chairman
Jessica Mazzone
Administrative Vice-Chairman
 Dan Marakowski, Sr.
George Balzer III
Angelo Lutz & Dennis Palandro, Sr.
Lifetime Directors
James Donio & Samuel Regalbuto
Bob Buerklin & Frank Quinn
String Band Association Directors

Foundation Members

Joseph Campbell
Steve Coper
Donna Ferry
Tracy Ferry
Kim Foley
Dave Grzybowski
Steve Highsmith
Karen McDermott Specht
Jeanne Palandro
Lauren Palandro Dougherty
Nicole Palandro
Rachel Razzano
Susan Ryan Shannon
Daniel Spencer
Mark Squilla
Steve Volkert
Brenda Williams