12/17/2020 Update: “For Them”

The Palandro-Ferry Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce that the screening of the “For Them” documentary — originally scheduled for March 27 and postponed due to the pandemic — will now take place virtually utilizing Facebook Live and YouTube on Saturday, January 2 from 6-8 PM. As you may know, this date is the second anniversary of the tragedy that took the lives of Denny Palandro, Jr., Joe Ferry and his fiance Kelly Wiseley.


This event will be free to attend and will be emceed by DJ Jimmy Mulholland. It will be a fundraiser for the Foundation. Participants will also have the opportunity that night to buy-in to win cash and prizes.


Ticketholders from the original event have several options to consider:

  1. Apply the $30 toward your buy-in to be eligible to win prizes;
  2. Apply your ticket price to purchase Foundation items such as hats, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and sweatshirts;
  3. Donate the $30 to the Foundation; or
  4. Request a refund.

Contact Denny Palandro at dpal23@comcast.net to communicate your plans regarding the event.